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Radio Station Hall of Fame

Stations that should have never left us..

KEGL Forth Worth/ Dallas 1982-1988

KEGL, P.D.'ed by Randy Brown (aka Chris Haze) was one of the first and certainly the most succesful Rock/40 stations. In my opinion, this is the station that Scott Shannon used as an example to create Pirate Radio in LA in the early 90s. Kidd Kraddick, back when he was younger, worked 7-Midnight at KEGL. He was one of the best night jocks I've ever heard.

In 1987 Randy left KEGL, and the format went more Top 40ish, playing dance-oriented stuff.  Later the station changed more towards rock.  KEGL spent a year as a 70s AC station, then as a Spanish oldies station, before it returned this year back to active rock.  Crap Channel sure knows how to put CRAP in a channel don't they?


Rocking with the Hits, KOFM!  Boogieman, Steve O'brian, Famous Amos, Mike Miller.. the names just go on... 

We lost KOFM in the mid-80s. 

KEGL Bookcover

A autographed bookcover from a signing/appearance when KEGL gave away a Porshe..

I believe this was just after Kraddick was moved to afternoon drive @ KEGL.

Too bad KEGL is only a shell of a once great radio station, even though it is currently "rock".                

Hot Rocking Z104.5 Tulsa, OK!
Z104.5 was the last Rock/40 station that I know of. What a great station! Bannana and Mel (mornings and P.D.), Wavy-Davy (imaging guy), Hondo, and others comprised one of the best stations had in the early 90s. The baby Shamrock management over-reacted to their new-found LMA of 94.1 The Hawk, a classic rocker with a bad signal, and changed the Z to a harder mix to unsuccesfully protect the Hawk. They are currently 1045 The Edge, playing alternative/modern rock. Mel currently resides at Star 103.3, along with Wavy and other great Tulsa jocks.

Stereo 103 KZUE

A station cut down before it's time, KZUE was one of OKC's best.  Boogieman and others gave this station a great couple of years run before many of the great talent of the station including the Boog got enough of management and went over KOFM.  It wasn't too much later and 102.7 became KJYO, "The Joy of Oklahoma".  Pull handle twice...