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Prod D before the console. We added another production within the talk booth to utilize the room whenever the room wasn't used as a talk booth. Antique radios by Patrick and Dennis.

Another pic of News-Talk 1520 KOKC's talk booth
Bob Sands (former News Dir.) and Garth

The irony of this pic is amazing...

Bob Sands is now the news director for OETA televison. 

Last time I heard Garth is at some small-time radio station in Texas.


The new production D within the KOKC talk studio (somewhere around '05)
The Computer Concepts system
For on-air music and commercials.. it's the Computer Concepts Maestro system.  I am TRUELY glad to be away from this thing.  A couple years before I left Renda I installed an old Shaffer automation system nameplate I found from the old 1963 automation system.  Just like the "good old days" of that old system, Maestro goofs up regularly.  I figured it was appropriate!

The talk suite for KOKC

FM News Room.. home of Steve Bennett, News "god"

Wildman Kelso and Rick Caldwell