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Renda pics 3

Dave Martin KOMA-FM 92.5
This is the guy that keeps KOMA-FM from totally unravelling.
Jennifer Leigh

Now doing afternoon drive on 104.1 KMGL..

David Kelso
Heyyyy Mannn.... Kelso rocks KRXO!
Unkle Dave
Much more than just the night guy on KRXO.. a very smart dude.  Dave is the stations' web guy.
KOMA News Dept..

Before the downslashing..

Scott Cooper (left) is now with the Gazette.  Randy Renner (right) is still at KOKC. 

The Lisa and Ron Show

R.I.P. Lisa Myrick. 

Molexia Central
Thousands of little molex connectors and grey wire connect audio and control wiring up.  The wiring Panduit was getting full before I left in '07.  My guess is it's getting pretty damn full now with the extra HD racks in place.