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Former Station Pics... Around 1998
RendaVille OKC..

State-of the art studios in 1998 for KOMA from a jocks position.

KOMA studios from a different angle.

Main hallway at Rendaville OKC

KRXO's studio from the jock's position

Production C

Mary Hellen and Vance Harrison (fomer GM)

RIP Dennis Orcutt, Former V.P. of Engineering, in front of the Nautel at KOKC 1520.

The "new" production A. This room has a great old PR&E BMX II we got from Tulsa's KEBZ.

Jeff "Cooch" Couch (former P.D.) , Dave McKay (production), and Orcutt

Engineering shop

The massive garage that used to house WKY's C-Sam.

Radio 930 WKY owned by Citidel and co-located at 400 E. Britton.

Renda's Master Control pre-2007

The front Lobby at RendaVille OKC

One of the boards out of 1520s Nautel tranmitter..

This is the back of master control. Molex blocks on the right..

1998 Renda Staff (after purchase)

KOKC control room

KRXO The Classic Rock Station!

KMGL Magic 104.1 studio is the former main studio for WKY 930!

RIP Mary Hellen Murdock (former GM sec.) , Queen of the Airwaves!

"Your's Truely KOMA!!" Really too bad it's not oldies anymore.

KMGL Magic 104.1 board close up..

KOMA-FM and KRXO FM news room..

KOMA, the Big 1520 in Moore!

KOKC 1520

KOMA-KOKC Sales Dept.

Close up of 1520...

News-Talk 1520 KOKC talk booth (before "Prod D" was added)

KOKC Control Room